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Thanks & Acknowledgements 2017
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Lacey Township Food Bank

It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life,
that no man can sincerely try to help another,
without helping himself "  
 -  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our Sincere Thanks For All You Do

As we ended another year of food bank service, the list of those who helped us in 2016 is a testament to an all encompassing community of caring and support. In 2016, for the fourth year in a row,  we saw our client lists increase and we reached an all time high by Christmas, 293 families. Without you we would be unable to continue helping them. And thanks to you, 220 food bank kids each received gifts of warm clothing, boots and toys.

Take a minute to visit the "Newsletter 2016 " page and meet those who joined in this wonderful community effort. From the scouts and the students, to the organizations, churches and businesses and to all the caring individuals in Lacey - you were there for us. Keep it going - throughout 2017. We need you.

On another page "Esteemed Sponsors" you'll meet individuals who commit to monthly donations and families, churches, organizations and businesses who back us up by supporting at least one food bank family at the cost of $240 annually. 

Whatever it is you give or whatever you do, you breathe life into this organization and for this, the volunteers of the Lacey Food Bank thank you



The Women's Club of Lacey "TUNA UP" at their monthly meeting by collecting cans of tuna for the Lacey Food Bank . As of February's meeting, they have donated  202 cans  + other pantry items. Check back as they "tuna up" through out the year.
Jennifer, publisher of our hometown FORKED RIVER GAZETTE, donates the space for our schedule to be printed every month for the benefit of our clients who rarely get a paper delivered. Current Gazettes are distributed all around the township and at the public library.
Through out the year, the LFB volunteers set up an information booth at various festivals & fairs in Lacey. Fair goers receive an information flier, which is printed gratis for us by Tom Trenholm, owner of REGAL PRINTING at the Lacey  Business Park. A big cheer & TY for all of you at Regal. (bear in mind that each dollar we save = one can of tuna)
The Lacey Food Bank kids program was gifted a free storage unit  at LACEY STORAGE by food bank booster & Esteemed sponsor, George Broom. There you'll find everything from books to school supplies, waiting to be given to the youngsters.

LTHS Girls Basketball Team
LTHS Boys Basketball Team
FR Presbyterian Church Youth Group


When you see our big strong volunteers emptying the bins at ShopRite, check out their hats. They are a gift from Sheryl Marszalek, owner of Marzy Designs, in Ewing. We've tried to reimburse her, but she just laughs it off. These hats are very important and hold great status within the food bank. because only a member of the food gathering crew - aka. the "Big Blue Crew" - gets one and it is to protect them from the ire of protective eagle eye shoppers who, spying hatless men grabbing food, turn them in to the management, even going so far as to get a license plate number. So don't forget your hats guys !


Gerard & Barbara Benvenuto
Edward & Katherine Buldowski
Mary Burton
CAFFREY'S Tavern & Steakhouse
Joseph & Cheryl Caldeira
Phillip & Mary Ann Czech
Barbara & Bonnie D'Amato 
Peter Dambach
William DeCamp, Jr.
Amy Doderer
L.B. Egan
Beverly Gall 
Richard & Florence Heward
Eric & Joanne Hurley
Jim & Libera Joyce
Ann Kish
Lacey Garden Club
Judith and Anthony Macaluso
Nicole & John McCombie
Kenneth McGowan
June Meola
Shannon Murphy
Clifford & Audrey O'Neill
Sue Pullen
The Rand Family
Rolling Thunder
Denise & Michael Rush
Bernard & Adeline Scesney .
Martha Spalding
Bruce & Helen Wissell