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Lacey Township Food Bank


It's been my pleasure for the past 12 years to be part of 97 volunteers all of whom help to make our Lacey Food Bank possible. It's heart warming to be able to help over 280 families fight hunger. We are thankful and grateful to so many local businesses and local folks who support the cause with foods and monetary donations. Because of this help, and allocated foods from the U.S.D.A. we're able to keep our heads above water. This allows us to help each family monthly with approximately 50 to 60 lbs of food , a $10 ShopRite grocery card for perishables, and an extra  $25 grocery card at Christmas.

It takes a lot of behind the scenes work during the weeks prior to distribution to make this end product successful. They keep our food bank open every weekday between 10 am and noon, and a few Saturdays , they use their own vehicles to pick up local foods, they work extra hours to inspect, sort, stock, and bag these tons of food. They keep watch of our refrigerators and freezers, answer phone calls, take care of issuing emergency food for those in need, and the work goes on and on.

We are seeking certain folks with this same passion who care to care to others. Stop in for a tour during our open hours 10 am to noon daily and say hello.

Wishing everyone reading this, a Healthy, Happy New Year        

Co-chairman’s Message – Ed Weisbrot  January  2017

The Lacey food Bank was busier than ever in 2016. We distributed food to families; school supplies and Christmas presents for kids. In conjunction with Lacey Township’s churches, we helped feed nutritious lunches to kids over the summer months.

One initiative many are not familiar with is our Social Services program. Sometimes our clients have unexpected strains on their already tight budgets. Sudden illness or loss of employment can lead to decisions like paying the rent or repairing the car, or which utility bill can be put off the longest before service is disconnected.

The Lacey food Bank has a limited amount of funds to help out with a rent or utility payment, a car repair or a used appliance.

When donors contribute to our food bank, we ask that a small portion of their contribution be earmarked for Social Services. Sometimes it is just the help a client needs to get them over a rough patch and back on their feet again.

It is very gratifying to be able to help others less fortunate. Won't you lend a hand?

The Lacey Food Bank has formed a new non-food committee under "Social Services"- as a way of helping clients who are going through a crisis, whether it be the loss of refrigeration in the middle of the summer, a car repair, a broken appliance, eviction, utility shutoff, or a multitude of other problems that a small act of kindness can solve. To become involved in this committee please contact  :
Emergency Fund Chairman, Ed Weisbrot 609-693-1085
Requests for help will go through our committee of clergymen\trustees.
To contribute to this special fund, use the Visa \ Paypal option or  Or send us a check the old fashioned way, made out to the Lacey Food Bank, 818 W. Lacey  Rd Forked River, NJ 08731 and note on the  bottom of check - "emergency fund" . 

We are often asked what we need. And the answer is just about everything. To download &  print a copy of this list for your school, organization or neighborhood, clink on the link below the  list.


Lacey Food Bank Needs:


Do you have a couple of hours a month to help the Lacey Food Bank find, complete and submit grant applications for corporate and charitable funding?  As an on-line, on-going project, this is a work from home opportunity, perfect for the detail oriented.  Are you a responsible college student looking to fulfill community service obligations?  Or perhaps you're someone who finds our regular volunteer schedule to be in conflict with your personal availability. Recently retired?  Don't let those business skills go to waste!  Familiarity with grant writing is a plus!   Please call 609-242-2848 and leave a message for Co-chair Pete or email for more information. Thanks!! 

The generosity of our Lacey Community is what keeps the Lacey Food Bank going and growing.  We would ask however that you not leave your donations outside the building.  We try to have a volunteer on site Monday, through Friday from 10 AM - Noon.    If we are closed, please call 609-242-2848 and we will be happy to make other arrangements. Food donations left outside overnight or over a weekend are subject not only to the weather but also are attraction for pests and animals.  Many times, these donations must be thrown out.    
Please help us by contributing donations other than food to the appropriate charities.We do not have the storage space or the manpower to handle clothing or other household donations at this time. 
Thanks for your support!!   Laura Caroccia, LFB


"Every year about this time, a solicitation comes from the Monmouth Ocean Food Bank, directed at our schools and youth organizations. First, we would like to say that Monmouth Ocean Food Bank is the "mother" food bank for food pantry & soup kitchens in  both counties and we value our alliance with them. The Lacey Food Bank benefits from this association by being able to buy pantry food at a reduced cost, and to receive free USDA food that is distributed to us utilizing MOFB as a clearing house.
That said, what most people in Lacey do not realize is that when you hold a food drive for them here in Lacey,  the food is sent all the way up  to Monmouth County. When we  receive the  monthly list of available foods , we  order &  BUY the food from them at a (sometimes) slightly lower cost than from the supermarket.
Then Monmouth Ocean turns around and delivers it back down to Lacey to us. This hardly makes sense, and forces us to purchase the same food that you could have given to us directly.  
Food drives  held within our Lacey community are critically important to us in meeting our commitment to those who need food.
I would ask you to consider this when making your decisions to donate to out of town food drives.  Please consider  "doing your little bit of good" right here in Lacey Township.  Use the bins at Shop Rite or drop your donation off at the Lacey Food Bank, Monday to Friday from 10 am-Noon.  Those hours not convenient?  Give us a call, we'll work something out.   The volunteers and the clients of the Lacey Food Bank would really appreciate it. "
Laura Caroccia